Arturo Avalos

With two years of sobriety under his belt, Arturo applied to work at Greenhouse Treatment Center as a cook. Though he couldn’t work directly with people in treatment for recovery, he saw this as an opportunity to be around them.

In the kitchen, Avalos took all the time he could during meal times to get to know the patients who were receiving treatment. As he helped patients carry their trays, he told them of his own story of recovery and offered advice to those who would see him during lunch or dinner time. At the time, there wasn’t much Avalos could do in a professional capacity because he was still in school, but he always found a way to support patients however he could. Management took notice of this, and after a year in food service, he became a behavioral health technician, which allowed him to further interact with patients. Now, as alumni coordinator, Avalos feels that he’s where he is supposed to be.